Typical flavors of Salento: the cicerchia

No longer a food for the poor, but a dish rich in nutrients with a very inviting appearance. This is the typical Salento cicerchia, a legume […]

The charm of terracotta furnishings

From the encounter between traditional terracotta tableware and vintage furnishing trends, our line of fake-aged tableware is born. The raw material is handcrafted and enhanced by […]

ULTRACERAMICA exhibition at the Castle of Conversano

Inauguration >> 11 November 2018 11.00 hours The exhibition will be open to the public from 11 November 2018 to 06 January 2019

The “Galletto” on Apulian artistic ceramics

The representation of the “Galletto” has always characterized the decorated ceramics typical of Puglia and Salento in particular. But why is the “Galletto” the protagonist of […]

National Italian American Foundation

We are honored to have received the invitation for this important event in the U.S.A .: ready to participate in the National Italian American Foundation we […]