Traditional cuisine, contemporary functionality

With the experience gained over the years, we make pots, pans and tableware in terracotta and ceramic. Our craftsmen create and decorate by hand every tool suitable for use in the kitchen, whether it is a classic, country, shabby chic and – why not – modern style.

Terracotta objects for a timeless style.

Making objects in precious ceramics and handmade terracotta means interpreting furnishing trends while remaining true to our style. Vozze, capase and every other object of the Salento tradition is realized keeping intact the beauty of the past.

Ideas take shape

Our catalog, constantly updated, offers decorated furnishing accessories, artistic ceramics typical of the Salento tradition, ceramic and terracotta objects designed for the interior and exterior of the home. But above all it leaves ample space to the imagination with the customization of favors, gadgets and every other object that can be created and decorated by us.

The customer comes first

Our company is always available to listen to the individual needs of customers, to design and make any terracotta object, not only for personal use but also for hotels or accommodation facilities. Bringing the Nuova Colì style into your business means keeping the timeless charm of the Salento tradition alive.

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