It was the Salento of authentic beauty, of tall olive trees, robust and proud, to frame the summer countryside.
It was a time of simple things, of hard bread and freshly picked tomatoes, of intense aromas and strong colors.
It was 1650 and the tradition of Colì ceramics began in Cutrofiano.

The passion that animated those hands, tireless in their work on the lathe, passed in the years from father to son: Nuova Colì s.r.l. is one of the companies that produces and sells the world’s best-known ceramics and terracotta, with a brand that is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

Our company, thanks to a history of tradition and excellence in clay processing, realizes – even today – its products according to artisan techniques, supported by the most modern technological machinery that improve the workmanship and quality. Majolics, furnishing accessories, pots and tableware are just some of the products we produce for the local, national and foreign markets every day.

In recent years, in support of craft processes, we have included some technological innovations, which allow us to select, work and customize, with even greater care, the best raw materials.

Attention to the progress of the sector and the interest in keeping up with the avant-gardes have enabled us to build an industrial plant of 6,000 square meters with a daily production of 28 cubic meters.

With heart to the past, hands in the present and an eye to the future, we carry on a family tradition
that we feel like a second skin,
aware of the value of a company that has made its distinctive trait of quality craftsmanship.