With heart to the past, hands in the present and an eye to the future

We carry on a family tradition that we feel like a second skin.

It was the Salentoof authentic beauty, of tall olive trees, robust and proud, to frame the summer countryside.
It was a time of simple things, of hard bread and freshly picked tomatoes, of intense aromas and strong colors.
It was 1650 and the tradition of Colì ceramics began in Cutrofiano.

Cutrofiano and terracotta

The processing of ceramics is an ancient art (Keramos in Greek means clay vase)

The objects made with this poor raw material had a progressive increase in their value thanks to precise, creative and meticulous craftsmanship.
Cutrofiano – in the province of Lecce – represents one of the Salento centers of excellence in the processing of ceramics, strong in a geographic area naturally characterized by the presence of a clay layer at shallow depth. Not by chance the name Cutrofiano is composed by the Greek noun “cutra” which means vase, and by the verb “fio” which corresponds to fabricate. Cutrofiano is part of the 40 Italian ceramic cities recognized by the Italian Association of Ceramics.


Arredi e Decorazioni


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Bomboniere e Gadget

Scegli i tuoi regali da Nuova Colì

In questo periodo siamo tutti alla ricerca di un’idea regalo per parenti ed amici. La cura nella scelta rappresenta l’attenzione che rivolgiamo alla persona, un chiaro […]

Our laboratory is open to the curiosity of those who want to know the secrets of terracotta craftsmanship: every day school groups, groups of tourists and terracotta lovers visit our laboratory, assisting in processing of terracotta objects and decoration, strictly by hand.

For more info and to book a visit to our laboratory, send a request to info@colisrl.it

The quality marks of Nuova Colì

Nuova Colì s.r.l. Brand

This is our distinctive brand.
Identifies the Nuova Colì s.r.l.
A long tradition in the field of terracotta processing, combines new technologies to best satisfy its customers and open up incisively to the national and foreign markets.

Maiolica Forte

The “Maiolica Forte” brand exclusively distinguishes Nuova Colì s.r.l.
They are products with a particular impact resistance and for this reason of unparalleled value.

Terra & Fuoco

The “Terra & Fuoco” trademark is the exclusive property of Nuova Colì s.r.l. distinguishes the fire pans made with crystalline lead-free, ideal for a healthy cooking of food preserving the taste. Suitable for cooking over flame, electric hotplate, oven, microwave.