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Logo Nuova Colì s.r.l.

This is our hallmark. It identifies the company Nuova Colì S.r.l.
A long tradition of pottery supports new technologies to better meet their customers and open in incisive way to domestic and foreign markets.

Maiolica Forte

Nuova Colì s.r.l. - Maiolica ForteThe trademark “Maiolica Forte” identifies exclusively products made with a particular shock resistance and for this unparalleled value.

Terra & Fuoco

Nuova Colì s.r.l. - Terra e Fuoco“Terra & Fuoco” is exclusive property of Nuova Colì S.r.l.
distinguishes the fire pans made of lead-free crystals ideal for a healthy cooking of the food while preserving its taste.
Suitable for cooking on flame, electric plate, oven, microwave.

Consorzio Artigiani

Nuova Colì s.r.l. - Consorzio Artigiani Provincia di LecceNuova Colì s.r.l. adheres to the “Artisan Association of the Province of Lecce”. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agricolture of Lecce and association of artisans (ACAI, CAN, ADAS and SAAS) is made in Lecce a consortium of small businesses, operators in the field of artistic craftsmanship and quality, operating in province of Lecce, known as the “Consortium between the craft in the province of Lecce”. The consortium aims to achieve the preservation and protection of artistic, high- quality, traditional crafts, to promote the development, improve the quality and identity of the production and marketing of products of the member companies operating in the field of “handcrafts of the province of Lecce”.