Home accessories and design

Nuova Colì s.r.l. - Cutrofiano

Nuova Colì’s productions ranging from furniture to houses and gardens, to tableware, through the realization of high-quality earthenware oven dishes and cookware with a high impact resistance.
Also has a wide and varied range of home accessories, gift, favors, whistles.

Unique decorations

Nuova Colì s.r.l. - I prodotti

Nuova Colì S.r.l. always attentive to our every request by customers, even the most demanding, you can create objects on specific requirements, giving them that authenticity, its product unique, both in form and decoration. Each piece is a work of art that embodies the painstaking care with which the simple lump of clay takes shape and life.

Ceramic for communicating

Nuova Colì s.r.l. - I personalizzati

The company Nuova Colì s.r.l. is able to make any object unique, personalizing it according to the customer’s tastes and needs.
There are company gadgets to give as gifts on special occasions, personalized wedding favors, signs for shops in elegant ceramics, particularly suitable for stores located in historical city centers, personalized tableware for restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, house numbers, decorations for villas and gardens and so on.
The individually decoration can be done using the technique of decal by hand, by the hands of skilled decorators.